Month: April 2021

Cult: The Seers

‘Reality is a lie!’ Today we shine a spotlight on “The Seers”, one of the six cults that feature in our new board game Amulet of Thrayax

Introducing Amulet of Thrayax!

SO BIG NEWS! As you know we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get our first release ready for Kickstarter, and we’re finally ready to announce our very first game…

From Powerpoint to releasing a game on Kickstarter (part 2)

I talk about how making homebrew content for a childhood classic led me down the path to releasing a board game on Kickstarter.

From Powerpoint to releasing a game on Kickstarter (part 1)

Today I talk about the trials and tribulations of making games on Powerpoint as a kid…

Hi, I’m Tom Truman!

You are off the beaten track fellow geek, but you are most welcome…


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