Month: May 2021

Cult: The Unamused

Born out of Bleakpyre’s Amateur Dramatics Society, we reveal the over-dramatic, thrill seekers called the Unamused!

Public playtests coming soon!

Really exciting news! Public playtests of Amulet of Thrayax are coming very soon!

The Nobles and Peasants

Her manservant held a handkerchief up to his mistress’ nose and mouth as she coldly stated she was looking to downgrade her servants’ hay-pile beds to manure to save on costs…

Cult: The Moshlets

When the villagers asked Sola to put a stop to Anazar and the evil experiments he was conducting, they had left out some of the finer details…

Making a board game on Tabletop Simulator

When my friend asked me about making a board game on Tabletop Simulator, I thought I’d go one further and make an article covering the basics


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