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Trolls ‘n’ Rerolls: About us

What is Trolls ‘n’ Rerolls?

We are a UK based board game publisher!

With both hobbyists and casual players in mind, our passion is making sure that every time you bring one of our games to your table, you’re always in for a fun and unique experience!

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You’ll have the Troll’s seal of disapproval!

Suitable for both adults and older children, we guarantee our games will always have beautiful artwork, robust quality components, all neatly fitted inside a good-looking box you’ll want to show off on your shelf.

Our first game, Amulet of Thrayax will be coming to Kickstarter later this year.

Wondering who the team is behind the project?

Scroll down to see the intrepid adventurers that are working hard to bring Amulet of Thrayax to life!

Meet the team

A caricature of Tom

Tom, the Dungeon Master

(Games Designer and Founder)

Tom has been making tabletop and video games his entire life. Encouraged by his friends to attempt the unthinkable and take one of his games to Kickstarter, he gathered up a motley crew of talented and amazing individuals and founded Trolls ‘n’ Rerolls.

Favourite Tabletop Games: Memoir ’44, Evolution, Small World and HeroQuest.

A caricature of Vincent

Vincent, the Hueomancer


Vincent is the artist for Amulet of Thrayax. He has years of experience illustrating and creating props for theatre sets, and is considered Northern Ireland’s foremost expert on anthropomorphic cats. When he’s not drawing grotesque aristocrats or wandering romantically on the glens, he enjoys making fan art for Dungeons & Dragons shows on twitch, and riding his horse, Shadow.

A caricature of Maya

Maya, the Alchemist

(Graphic Designer)

Maya is in charge of graphic design and preparing the artwork for print. As a trained graphic designer, with over 8 years of experience in the industry, she can spot a misaligned text box from a yard away. In her free time, she loves binging through movies and TV shows, and enjoys playing tabletop games (famous for being unable to keep a straight face when playing a spy in The Resistance.)

A caricature of Joe

Joe, the Navigator

(Logistical Support and Graphic Designer)

Joseph is logistical support for the project and not only has a wealth of experience working in board game fulfilment, but has also successfully launched and fulfilled his own game’s Kickstarter
campaign (Pet Evil). He also helped design the look of the game’s box and the Kickstarter page. Joe spends his weekends playing a one or two turns of Twilight Imperium and raiding on World of Warcraft Classic.

A caricature of Jen

Jen, the Web Wizard

(Web Designer/Developer)

Jen has undertaken the mammoth task of designing and maintaining the entirety of the Trolls ‘n’ Rerolls website. When she isn’t busy coding and drinking copious amounts of tea, she spends time gardening in her allotment, playing Minecraft, and going for runs in the park.


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