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I’ve previously covered the plot of Amulet of Thrayax, but a pleasant surprise has been the number of requests I’ve had to provide more detail about the world the game is set in.

As a direct result, I plan to intersperse project development posts with posts about the game’s wider lore.

This is the first such post, and I start by talking about the gods (or lack of)…


With all the eccentric “deities” idolised by the participating cults in Thraymania, you could be excused for thinking that the world of Intendia, in which the city of Bleakpyre resides, has a rich and diverse pantheon.

And why not? After all, you have the vegetable worshipping cannibals of Witha-Pinchof, the molasses addicts known as the “Children of the Blob”, and let’s not forget the swamp-dwellers of Bogden, who after finding a wayward book of fairy tales now spend their weekends kissing distressed toads in the vain hope of awakening “Daddy Croaksmann”. 

The Cat King fighting Sola and the Moshlets
And well, the less said about the Cat King, the better…

Unfortunately for the unwitting cultists, in almost every instance, they are found to be worshipping a myth, or worse – a troll-oil peddler.

On Intendia, there is only one “God” that actually exists and is widely worshipped. I’m referring of course, to the beloved Andea.

To the Intendians, Andea is their creator and although they rarely (if ever) show themselves, the people believe that they are with them always and there to guide them.

Countless prayers reach Andea on a daily basis – ‘Why did you let that happen? When will you make this happen? Fugrin has grown so distant lately – has the spark gone out? Should I really mob-fund my dice-shaped lute project in this economy?’ – just to name a few.

Of course, whilst Andea does exist, the Intendians are blissfully unaware that they are not actually a god, but rather a disgruntled Fix-It, underpaid and working terrible hours in a caretaker role, with an ever-growing in-tray that’ll seemingly outlast the universe itself.

What is a Fix-It you ask? Good question!


The actual Gods – perfect beings with infinite power – needed something to break up their eternal monotony, and creating mortality was seen as an exciting source of endless schadenfreude.

However, building a plane of existence is a messy business, and disposing of off-cuts of waste rock and organic matter was seen as beneath them. The Gods therefore decided to create the Fix-Its: demigods they could subcontract any and all godly tasks to.

It was the Fix-Its of the somewhat shady Fixed-4-U franchise that were awarded the contract to build Intendia’s solar system, and whilst great with gas giants, they were creative about their experience working with non-gaseous terrestrial planets (honestly, you should see the state of Archetopia’s tectonic plates).

It’s safe to say that when your bosses are omnipresent, the pressure really piles on, and in the process of finishing the system they created an unholy mess.

A living slime, devouring a tax collector
To be fair, some of the cults’ “gods” can be just as unforgiving…

In hushed voices during a late-night board meeting, the Fixed-4-U management decided to literally sweep all of the waste material underneath the sixth planet and hope the Gods would be too busy to notice.

Remarkably it worked, and it would be many millennia before the overwhelming odour reached the Gods, and the mouldy, lumpy seventh planet was finally discovered.

A mistake of this magnitude would be embarrassing for anyone, but for the Gods supervising the solar system, it’d mean an eternity of ridicule (and Gods can be quite mean when they want to be).

Quickly and somewhat cathartically, the supervisors erased Fixed-4-U from existence, and then moved the new planet into a pleasant range of the sun, where it looked like it was always supposed to be. They named the planet Intendia and given their busy schedules, decided to appoint a “caretaker”, who could run the planet for them.

To Andea, a temp at a Fix-It recruitment agency, the role sounded like a great opportunity to put some real world experience on their CV, however as is all too often with job descriptions, what was advertised was drastically different to reality.

Andea didn’t realise “Remote working” meant the office was in a remote location in the heavens above Intendia. “Flexible hours” meant being at the beck and call of the Gods, and Andea eventually had to take up nebulising, just so they could “go out for a nebula break” every couple of years.

And so, this is how Andea came to be the reluctant “god” of Intendia, reigning over all of it’s strange peoples and nations, of whom we will explore in our next lore post…

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