Cult: The Cat King

The cat king sigil from Amulet of Thrayax

Creg and his brothers, Jed and Ugg ran the alley behind Mr Fincher’s ‘Funeral Home and Taxidermist’. Unfortunate travellers that took a wrong turn would be lucky to leave the alley with their lives, let alone their valuables.

It was an unremarkable evening. Ugg had just returned from collecting ‘pickpocket tax’ from the local urchins, whilst Jed gnawed at a grilled rat on a skewer. Creg cooly leant against the wall, twirling his favourite knife.

Suddenly a rustle came from the end of the alley.

All three stopped and turned to face the direction of the noise. Creg raised his knife and confronted the darkness, ‘Who’s that then?’

A pair of yellow eyes appeared, and slowly, slinking out of the shadows came a small dark blue cat. Creg breathed a sigh of relief and chuckled, ‘Blimey! Almost ‘ad a heart attack! Ugg, grab that old table leg – looks like we’re ‘avin’ cat for dinner!’

At that same moment, however, a second pair of eyes appeared. Then a third. A fourth. Then Eight. No, ten. Twenty! Countless eyes beamed at them until eventually two giant yellow, saucer-sized eyes materialised above the others in the blackness.

‘Wh-who are yer?! Wh-what do you want?!’, Creg stuttered, brandishing his knife. No answer.

The two large eyes began moving towards the light, accompanied by the sound of wood connecting with stone. Clunk. Clunk. Clunk. The mass of smaller eyes followed suit.

The cat king from Amulet of Thrayax, a mass of cats in a coat with a big ball in one hand and a cane in the other

Slowly emerging was an army of dark blue cats, menacingly fixated on the thugs. At the head of the horde a peculiar looking figure in a large tatty coat, wearing a crown of animal skulls on their head. In one hand they held a toy ball and in the other a cane.

The figure’s movements were strange, almost like writhing and what looked like a paw or a tail would frequently pop out from between the coat’s ripped seams.

‘I dunno who you are, b-but you picked the wrong crew to start a fight with. Ugg! Jed! Get ‘im!’

His order was met with silence and inaction. Creg glanced over at Ugg, whose face was now gaunt and his eyes had become wide and a sickly yellow colour. He swapped to Jed who was in a similar state, although he also had one of the cats perched upon his head, which gave a violent hiss. Neither brother were responsive and just stared vacantly.

Suddenly, a sharp prang shot through Creg’s skull. It was agonising and as the pain grew, he struggled to keep focus. He began to hear a voice repeating inside his head whispering, ’OBEY ME….’

Concept art of Cat King cultists, one with a cat on his head and the other with a cat hugging his face

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t push the voice out. The pain began to be replaced with a numbness that spread to his entire body. He was unable to move and could only just make out the sound of his knife dropping to the floor.

Completely out of control of his mind and body, he autonomously turned back to face the mysterious figure, as if being led by invisible strings.

His eyes were vacant and shone yellow, and he muttered ‘…HAIL THE CAT KING…’

The Cat King

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First of all, thanks to everyone who has signed up to the playtests we announced the other week! We were overwhelmed by the number of people interested in trying the game, so thank you!

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The playtest demo WIP!

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So gang, today we reveal our fourth cult from the game. We’ve had the Seers (opens in a new window), the Moshlets (opens in a new window), the Unamused (opens in a new window), and now today we reveal the mysterious and powerful Cat King.

Concept art of the Cat King, sitting on top of a pile of crazed cats

The Cat King is but a rumour and those who believe the stories can’t be sure of the King’s origins. Percia who runs the ‘Bleakpyre Exterminators Guild’ claims a massive family of cats gained a collective consciousness, with the sole agenda of overthrowing humanity (coincidentally, she found business really ramped up as this rumour circulated…)

Folk also say that the hive mind has the unnatural ability to psychically control people who are nearby. The King apparently commands an army of mindless human drones, however, it’s difficult to tell in Bleakpyre.

For the cults who are taking part in Thraymania, they can indeed confirm the Cat King exists and they understand its goal is to enslave humanity, consigning them to servitude with non-stop stroking and scratching duties (despite their best efforts, the Cat King has been unable to control the other cults’ followers, likely due to their single-minded zealousness).

With the Amulet of Thrayax, the Cat King would be able to amplify their mind control powers to engulf the entirety of Bleakpyre, putting the whole of humanity in a purrilous position.

Concept art of a Cat King cultist, hypnotised and stroking a cat

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