Cult: The Unamused

Cult the Unamused

Viscount Hendrig was hosting his annual dinner for the Bleakpyre Peasant Racing Club.

Many a seasoned jockey were in attendance, swigging their wine and toking their pipes, comparing whether the slums or the docks was the best location to snare new steeds.

After a few rounds of pin-the-tail-on-the-pauper, the banquet was ready and they sat down for dinner.

As Hendrig devoured his second helping of horse hoof and eel brine soup, he spotted something odd at the bottom of his now-empty bowl. A small, unidentified black orb, the size of a pea, was sitting at the bottom of his dish.

Outraged, he beckoned over his waiter and barked, ’And what is this in my soup?!’

Hendrig’s inability to see or recognise people without noble blood would be his downfall, for he missed the waiter was wearing a crude fake nose and moustache. Suddenly, the man ripped off his disguise and dramatically leapt onto the table.

‘VISCOUNT HENDRIG! Thou hast consumed thy last meal, for as sure as the deadly murkberry leaves its bitter taste, thou shalt expire and withdraw from this world presently!’

An Unamused cultist from Amulet of Thrayax, wielding a bloody fan

Hendrig stared aghast, equal parts confused and offended by this commoner’s insolence. Realising he was still unaware of his impending death, the assassin continued, ‘…POISON Hendrig! I, Regalio, have killed you!’, he clarified.

No sooner had he finished, when a dart shot through the air and pierced Regalio’s neck. Pained, he spun around to see his old rival Ambretta disguised as a Count, lowering her blowpipe.

‘Nay Regalio! Looks like it is I, Ambretta, who has killed you! And what’s more…Thou art really my half brother!’, she declared as she swooned dramatically.

‘AMBRETTA!’, came a voice from up on the hall’s balcony, ‘It is I Marvello! Does thou think thee the magpie, who can steal my most precious of gems, my beloved cat Coco?! And what’s more, thou murdered my father!’

He swung a hand-axe into a ceiling strut, clearly already weakened and now creaking unhealthily. It snapped violently and as it did, cracks snaked across the ceiling before it came crashing down upon Ambretta and the diners.

End scene.

Concept art of two Unamused cultists from Amulet of Thrayax

The Unamused

Hey Rerollers,

Today we’re revealing our third cult from Amulet of Thrayax (opens in a new window), the over-dramatic, thrill seekers called the Unamused (working title).

Born out of Bleakpyre’s Amateur Dramatics Society, the city’s complete lack of interest or respect for the arts led to widespread disgruntlement amongst the acting community.

Disillusioned, they realised they would have to be their own audience and began living their lives as if they were always in a play. At first, the actor’s interactions were simple and harmless, but as the same plot pieces repeated, they started to desire more thrilling twists and turns.

Soon, the Unamused were attacking each other and kidnapping townsfolk, before finally resorting to full-blown murder. Scandals ended in murder. Love stories ended in murder. Even whodunnits ended in yet more murders.

Concept art of an Unamused cultist from Amulet of Thrayax

Given the Unamused’s willingness to kill their own as well as the citizens, this resulted in a quick turnaround of cult membership, with only the most calculated and wily members surviving.

For the few lucky souls who escaped their clutches, they would tell of how the actors had converted props into iconography and could be heard muttering prayers to “the Muse”.

They are drawn to Thraymania for its potential for endless drama, and the fact it’s the perfect stage for the actors to perform on.

Their development

The Unamused were formed around the idea of there being a superior or “noble-esc” cult. Given nobles already play a big part in the game, we needed to have something that set the cult apart.

Over-the-top actors, similar to English actors of olde, with some murderous intent added in felt like a natural fit.

Being a big fan of Blackadder, I was influenced by the unbearable actors in Blackadder the Third:

Vincent (our artist) has a history in working in theatre, so he instantly knew how he wanted each character to look, and the result are some amazing, homicidal actors!

As the Unamused were fleshed out they became more and more unhinged and malicious, until they became the charming cult they are today.

Thanks for reading!

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