Introducing Amulet of Thrayax!

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SO BIG NEWS! As you know we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get our first release ready for Kickstarter, and we’re finally ready to announce our very first game…

A character from Amulet of Thrayax is confused to see a rich, nobleman riding a peasant like a horse

Amulet of Thrayax

In Amulet of Thrayax, you play as one of six eccentric cults, causing murder and mayhem as you compete in a competition known as Thraymania.

Organised by the cults themselves, Thraymania is held every three years in the fantasy city of Bleakpyre. It’s a desolate and hateful place, where the nobility is greedy and corrupt, and the peasantry is selfish and hostile.

The aim of the competition is to harvest more souls than any other cult, with the winner being gifted custodianship of the Amulet of Thrayax – a mysterious, powerful relic that grants evil-doers good fortune, for as long as they wear it.

A shady peasant selling "cultist proof" locks from their coat

How it is played

Players take it in turns to move their cult around the city and use a combination of cards from their hand to perform a variety of actions. 

Some actions may be offensive such as releasing a monster or poisoning a well, whilst others can be defensive, such as setting up safeguards in case other cults attempt to scupper your plans!

As cults cause more mayhem, the peasants and nobles will start to lock themselves away. These “protected” townsfolk are much harder to reach, and cults need to decide whether it’s more beneficial to try and lure them out or move to another district in the city.

A miserable looking jester from Amulet of Thrayax

Whilst the Amulet is the prize for the winner, there’s nothing to stop the cults from “borrowing” it mid-game (in fact this is expected!), bestowing them many advantages for as long as they can keep their hands on it!

The cult with the most harvested souls (peasant/noble tokens) by the end of the game, wins!

More details coming soon

We’re very excited that Amulet of Thrayax is now public and that you’re here with us at the start of this journey!

We’ll be going into more detail in the coming weeks, including introducing the cults and looking at the mechanics, so stay tuned!

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