Kickstarter Pre-launch!

Hey Rerollers,

After more than a year of designing, playtesting, prototyping, marketing, demoing and sharing our game with you awesome people, we’re excited to announce our Kickstarter pre-launch page is now here: (opens in a new tab)

Characters from Amulet of Thrayax by the game's box
Thraymania is almost upon us!

It’s been a long road getting to this point and words cannot express how much we appreciate your support throughout this journey. Without you and the community supporting us, the game literally couldn’t be brought to life, so thank you.

We’re asking people to hit “Notify me on Launch” on the Kickstarter page and share the link with your most murderous board gamer friends, as that’ll not only inform you of when we launch, but will also help inspire other potential backers to follow the project too



In our last post (opens in a new tab) we provided an update on the different things we’re currently working on in the run up to the launch. We thought it’d be good to make this a regular segment on the blog, so here’s the latest scoop:

New Prototypes – Prototype 1 (the old prototype) is on the way out and we’re creating multiple sets of Prototype 2 (the new prototypes) ready for events and the Kickstarter previews. We’re trialling using MDF for the boards:

7 MDF shaped pieces in a circle
A very smoggy day in Bleakpyre!

We must admit, even without the art attached it looks really cool and it’s great to see the board cut the way the retail version should be.

Rulebook – We hope to have the rulebook uploaded digitally before the launch so we’re now transplanting it from Tom’s head to paper. Maya will be designing it and making sure it’s equal parts neat and diabolical.

Games Page – We’ll be updating the website over the next couple of weeks, including adding a proper games page for Amulet of Thrayax.

Kickstarter Trailer – Vincent created a soundboard for the videographer filming our Kickstarter trailer. He’s done an awesome job capturing the story and we’re super excited to be donning our best LARP gear and taking to the big screen!

A black and white storyboard of cartoon characters
There may have been a fight over who gets to be the noble…

Thanks for reading!

As always, thank you for your continued support.

If you haven’t already, do join our Discord which serves as our hub for the latest updates and news!

You can check out the server by clicking here. (opens in a new tab)

Thanks for reading,

Tom, and the TnR team


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