Progress Update

Hey Rerollers,

We thought we’d update you on some of the progress we’ve been making behind the scenes since the campaign.

Utilising the feedback you provided via the surveys (thank you!), and also feedback we’ve had from players at recent events such as UKGE and ZatuCon, the team and I have heard what changes you’d like made for the relaunch campaign.

Changes we’re making

Here are some of the major changes we’ve been working on:

– Optional cult specific player powers and content already included in the game (no longer a stretch goal)
– Adjusting the rewards for each tier in the campaign
– Improving the legibility of in-game iconography
– Rebalancing certain rules and cards
– Providing more lore and backstory about the world and the cults
– More reviews and previews of the game


This is a WIP example of the changes we’re implementing to the card frames, in particular how the Cat King’s cards might look:

We’re tempted to add even MORE cats…

In the same way you provided us with your suggestions for improving the relaunch campaign, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the current iconography and how it could be improved.

If you have a few minutes, we’d really appreciate you filling out our new survey which you can find here. (opens in a new tab)

Next Steps

Thank you for your patience whilst we fix the errors we made with the first campaign and we hope to see you back again for the relaunch early next year.

With us being active on so many platforms now, the blog has been neglected recently, but not for long! We’re planning on returning to regular updates and posts on the website, so keep an eye out for those.

If any UK backers are at Tabletop Gaming Live in Manchester on either Saturday 17th or Sunday 18th September, we’ll be there at the Trolls ’n’ Rerolls stand. It’d be great to see you/meet you and get you around the table to try the game, so do come say hi if you’re going.

Thanks for reading,

Tom, and the TnR Team


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