Public playtests coming soon!

Hey Rerollers,

Really exciting news! Public playtests of Amulet of Thrayax (opens in a new window) are coming very soon!

Since April, the team and I have been sharing more and more information about the game as we get it ready for Kickstarter.

We’ve been eager to show off the mechanics and design of the game but have held off whilst we thoroughly playtest the game behind the scenes (checking balance/getting feedback/adjusting dimensions and layouts etc).

A pile of Amulet of Thrayak tokens from the Tabletop Simulator playtest demo
A sneak peek of some of the tokens in the Tabletop Simulator demo.

We’re now at a point where we’d like to extend the playtests to the wider board game community!

Whatever your knowledge or experience of boards game is (it can be zero!), everyone is welcome to join and we think they’ll be a lot of fun.

If you’re interested, you can either let us know by messaging us through the contact form (opens in a new window), or you can use this survey we’ve set up (opens in a new window).

We’ll be in contact in the near future to provide you with more details and the opportunity to book a slot once the playtests go live.

(Note: you will need access to either Tabletopia (opens in a new window) or Tabletop Simulator (opens in a new window) to take part.)

Also…a sneak peek of the cult we’ll be revealing this week:

A cult sigil with lots of masks from Amulet of Thrayax


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