UKGE 2021!

Hey Rerollers,

Wow – what a weekend at UKGE!

Trolls n Rerolls UKGE team outside the UKGE 2021 sign
This was actually after the event…hence why we look euphoric but knackered!

As a new publisher running our first stand, we honestly didn’t know what to expect. Whilst I fully believe in Amulet of Thrayax and our online playtests have gone really well, I must admit I had sleepless nights in the run up to UKGE, envisioning only a handful of people stopping by and an empty demo sign up sheet.

The Trolls n Rerolls UKGE team at the Trolls 'n' Rerolls stand
The TnR UKGE team with Molly who cosplayed a Seer.
A close up of the Amulet of Thrayax prototype at UKGE
The prototype came out really well!

What actually happened instead was mind-blowing…

We were swamped from start to finish! Out of the 25 demo slots we had available, only the very first one (Friday at 9am) was empty, and by Saturday morning we had no more spaces available to offer.

Players playing the Amulet of Thrayax demo with Tom Truman at UKGE 2021
We were so busy we ended up allowing 6 player groups to join and we demoed from crouching position.
Players playing the Amulet of Thrayax demo with Todd at UKGE 2021
Todd did an amazing job demoing the game!

It was incredible to see the 100+ players who tried the demo, enjoying it and getting to meet other gamers in the process. Everyone who we met was lovely, and if you were one of the people who stopped by our stand – it was great meeting you and thank you for your time!

Jessica at the Trolls 'n' Rerolls UKGE 2021 Show Preview stand
My partner Jess joined us for the Show Preview.
Players with dragon costumes playing the Amulet of Thrayax demo with Todd at UKGE 2021
Dragon cultists!

We’ve got several pages of email sign ups which I’ll be adding to our mailing list today, with our August newsletter coming out this week. If you added your name to that list, do check your junk folder over the next couple of days incase it ends up in there!

What next?

We’ve been working towards launching our Kickstarter at the end of September.

Now, whilst that’s really exciting, some of you Kickstarter regulars might know that the world is dealing with a shipping crisis and no company that ships things (such as board games) is immune.

Currently board game publishers are being charged 5-6 times more than usual to ship their games from their manufacturers. Projects that funded last year/earlier this year are having to either delay or cancel their fulfilment as a result. This has even led to some publishers going out of business.

Because of this, me and the team will be spending this week and next double checking our numbers and getting new quotes, before confirming September.

We want to launch Amulet of Thrayax at the right price, with the right shipping, and avoid any unexpected costs for us, or even worse you, our backers. Our hope is that we can still launch in September, however we have to face the fact we might need to delay the campaign until 2022 to deliver the game the way we want to.

We’ll keep you updated as things develop, but no matter if it’s this year or next, Amulet of Thrayax is definitely coming!

For now, here’s a little surprise for you:

Amulet of Thrayax Box Mock Up
Cult 5 and 6, which have yet to be revealed, will also feature on the box!

Thank you!

Your continued support is invaluable to me and the team, so thank you so much! Maybe I’m biased but the growing TnR community are some of the nicest and most thoughtful people I’ve ever met, so we’re lucky to have you.

You can join our newsletter by using the sign-up bar at the bottom of the page, and if you’re a Discord user we also have the Trolls ‘n’ Rerollers server where we have a flourishing community of cultists (click “connect” below to join):

For now, enjoy the rest of your day and we’ll see you soon!

Tom & the TnR Team


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